Katie Trotta and the making of Twenty Something

Katie writes perfect songs. They are smart, they are arranged properly and they are moving. They have a darkness to them, even in their lightest moments, but they also have an intelligence that describes her well. It’s informed music for anyone who wants to try and understand Katie; it’s in the songs, and not a … Continue reading

Jer Gregg and his S/T EP.

I had the chance to work with a great and driven singer-songwriter from Nashville this year named Jer Gregg. Jer Gregg is truly an interesting artist. He embodies the work ethic any unsigned act needs to get things done, but also possesses the road-worn and aged credibility that let me know very early on that … Continue reading

Meet Alex Vucelich.

One of the most interesting commonalities in Nashville, in my opinion, is the Writers Round. I find these to be interesting, mainly because, I think I treat them very differently than a lot of the people I go to see and hear. I am not someone who is out peddling my songs, or writing for … Continue reading