Katie Trotta and the making of Twenty Something

Katie writes perfect songs. They are smart, they are arranged properly and they are moving. They have a darkness to them, even in their lightest moments, but they also have an intelligence that describes her well. It’s informed music for anyone who wants to try and understand Katie; it’s in the songs, and not a note or lyric is phoned in. It’s all right there.

I met Katie at the perfect time. I don’t see many opportunities for people our age to just instantly connect with someone on a musical level the way I have with Katie. Once I introduced her to Jason Miller (co-producer, engineer, rock and roll bad ass) it was like this perfect storm of good timing, energy, shared vision, weather, players, everything. As I said, I don’t expect these kinds of moments to follow me around month to month; I appreciate and cherish the uniqueness of this situation.

So Katie raises money, she wants to make a new album. Jason and I lay it out; who we should hire, how it should be done. Katie has never made a proper record, and I have never been able to produce something so…natural. I struggle with every client in one or another, and it’s rarely ever their fault. It’s my fault! I put the pressure on like cement.

But with this record, as I mentioned before, it’s the perfect moment in time. Steve Mackey on bass, Nir Z on drums (look these two up and blow your own mind). Katie with an arsenal of keyboards and a beautiful restored upright piano at her disposal, Jason Miller running the 24 track tape machine (NO PRO TOOLS!) and these beautiful, smart songs.

I was having moments ( we are already a week in to this record) where I literally had nothing to say. No smart ideas, no arrangement changes, no advice; I just got to listen to this be created right before my eyes, by musicians.

Stay tuned for this; I have no doubt it will be the finest album I have had the pleasure of working on. Such a joy, and we’re only a week in.

You can get to know Katie Trotta here.

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