If the link is broken, just assume that’s a sign and find something else to listen to.


Alex Vucelich – To a God Unknown (release date March 2015)

IndulgistEmerald Glow 

Katie TrottaTwenty Something

Alex Vucelich – Howe Garden LP

Featuring Richard Koozie – 2 Song EP

Jer Gregg – S/T

The Weakenders – Super Major LP

Hey, Bastard! – Medusa

Eli Larch Chastain – Trust / Heroes

The Weakenders – Everything, and Nothing


WorkerFind a Solution

Love Begotten – Ugly, Dirty, Poor

Not One is Upright – S/T

Opponents – S/T

With HonorsA Great Place to Start

Chasing CanadiaThere’s No Place Like Home

IronsidesFace Defeat (Single)

ConsensusModernity’s Greatest Sin

The TempestS/T

Signal the Revolution S/T

Stone ThroatsDarkest Days

As Guitarist:

The Weakenders – Everything, and Nothing

Trenches – The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole

Spero – City of Tears

MardelayWhat We’ve Become

Opponents – The Tiger City

Opponents – Wes Deboy Demos

Advise Roosevelt – Wolf in Sheeps Clothing