Jer Gregg and his S/T EP.

I had the chance to work with a great and driven singer-songwriter from Nashville this year named Jer Gregg.

Jer Gregg is truly an interesting artist. He embodies the work ethic any unsigned act needs to get things done, but also possesses the road-worn and aged credibility that let me know very early on that he understood that this is a marathon, and not a race. His songs don’t sound modern (in the current Nashville trends sense), but he has embraced the modern workflow as good as any artist I have ever come in contact with.

Jer self released his new EP, which I served as a producer on, via his bandcamp website. The download is a name your own price (read free, if you so choose) and it is a cool, driving collection of middle America rock and roll. I think I, Joel Lauver (who engineered and co-produced the record) and Jer and his band all met in the middle on a very cool set of sounds that tip the hat to where we all came from (heartland rock and roll) and where we all wanted to go.

There are moments present on the record that remind me so vividly of unsung great bands like The Wallflowers and The Black Crows, it’s almost uncanny. Jer understands who he is an artist, and has embraced that. He brought great songs and arrangements to the table, and made the job on all of us involved very easy (or as easy as producing a rock and roll record can be).

Jer is out busting his ass, touring in the US, England and Australia, and working to make sure his songs are heard. Outside of the hours in the studio, this is one way I can help. Click the link below if you’d like to check out Jer and his brand of rock and roll.

Jer Gregg – S/T EP (2012) 

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