On David Goldflies pt.3

Many of the compositions take on an almost Pink Floyd esque ambience, and shine a bit of light onto the absolute mastery a lifelong musician is able to achieve over their chosen instrument. By this period in Goldflies career, his playing has taken on an almost third-arm like quality; you can hear his career in each note.

The conversation turns at the midpoint of the hour into a discussion that I found particularly intriguing, and a topic I love; playing notes, versus playing music. On numerous occasions, Goldflies references the idea of a band or group of musicians choosing to play the music over what they might be seeing on a chart.

As a member of the Nashville music community, I believe being versatile and being able to learn from a handwritten chart is par for the course. However, certain moments require a musician to fall back on what they know how to do best, which is play. The music, if being represented to it’s full capacity, has a way of allowing a musician to simply let their fingers and inner meter do the lions share of the work. Hearing someone like Goldflies discuss this approach was comforting; i’m not a chart guy. I am a feel guy, and to hear that someone with the ability to effortlessly sight read music still finds his greatest joy in trusting his gut, and letting the music breathe, brings me a level of solitude. There is something comforting in hearing that simple fact never really changes, regardless of ones travels or musical responsibilities.

My most treasured aspect in a musician is their ability to evolve. In the case of Goldflies, to go from such polar opposites of the musical spectrum, and to do so on his terms, and with such grace is truly his most endearing quality. The music and the catalog not withstanding, a musicians ability to transcend a particular genre, and simply follow the music is really the true definition of freedom. To reach the pinnacles of live, improvised and guttural southern rock to something as involved and tasteful as the Panama City Pops Orchestra again defines the elasticity of a musician like Goldflies.

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