On David Goldflies pt.2

This round of the conversation I found particularly interesting for a variety of reasons; for one, Goldflies really gets in depth about his time in the Allman Brothers circle, which included Dickey Betts band, Great Southern, as well as his 5 or so years touring with the Allman Brothers band. Not only did this portion of the conversation attract me for obvious reasons (I know the ABB music well) but, it’s hearing Reardin facilitate the opportunity for Goldflies to really discuss band and player dynamic, which is something that only someone who was in the room for tense discussions, tense sessions, and intense live shows could speak on with any depth; and Goldflies does.

Hearing about the changes that went on within the band over time was enthralling for me; a band with such a history and a pull in the live setting, surviving death and years of music together, and having someone like Goldflies come in; young, untainted by the spoils of the music industry, and allowing him to be a part of a unit that had decades of road behind them. It’s amazing to hear how the relationships evolved, how the politics and the standing of the various personalities evolved. And to hear the whole thing from Goldflies perspective is almost akin to voyeurism in a way; he was there, he was present for the entire era, but was able to observe and adjust. It’s compelling stuff.

Of course, the entire conversation is peppered with these amazing live recordings of the band from that era in full jam; to hear Goldflies dance inside of these classic ABB cuts is just fantastic. They serve to further drive home that point about the differences in hearing say, a super fan discuss a band, as opposed to someone who could sneak a peak at Dickey Betts or Butch Trucks for a cue on the change on stage. It’s just a perspective that can’t be replicated, and adds a sheen of gut wrenching authenticity to the conversation. Goldflies discusses the differences between bringing music to the smaller, more intimate stages that he was more accustomed to, and then the counterbalance to that; the 5 night stands with ABB in front of hundreds of thousands of serious fans. He goes into detail about connecting to the music, finding a groove that facilitates a moment for the fan. Again, compelling conversation abounds.

This portion of the discussion is a must for someone who listened to part 1 and wanted more of those ABB moments; this is where Goldflies is really flying within his career on a mass-fandom level. If you study the lore of the ABB, or are hip to the fact that when you google David Goldflies, google wants you to recognize his role within that band, then this installment will serve to satiate your need for more of that insider, in depth fact.

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